I... rendered all my episode into HEVC(H.265). IceDrive website on PC does not or cannot view videos in HEVC format. Which is like WHAT!!! I made these KAI so I can easily rewatch these Anime when I want to, and not have to go through ads and pop up on certain websites.

I honestly want to encode everything to H.264 format and reupload it to ID... but my BANDWIDTH!!!!

Saving grace is that you can view the anime on Smartphones, the IceDrive app.

Personally, I'm done with this little project of mine. I created this so I can re-watch anime in 1 hour form and thought I could share it with the world but I haven't watched any anime in quite a long time. So this website is pretty much done for. What you see is all I have. No more updates for the foreseeable future.

I'll be honest, I wanted to do KAIs of big anime like Dragon ball, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc, but somehow I got sidtracked with short 1/2 season anime. Anyways, save a link to my IceDrive Link just in case this website goes down.


How to watch

To watch these Anime on computer simply click the name of the Anime which will redirect you to the page of the Anime. There you should see a Google Drive Link.

Sorry but the ID links cannot be view in destop form because I encoded the videos to be HEVC/ H.265, and the website is not compatible with those files, but you can video the videos on SmartPhone devices.

What is Anime KAI

AnimeKAI is a project where the episodes are an hour long ( more or less ), resulting in getting rid of filler for large anime such as Naruto KAI or Bleach KAI etcFor shorter Anime like the Monogarari Series, each episode is each story of the show (For example, Karen Bee part 1 - Part 4) as 1 episode.

I watch the Anime as I am turning it into KAI episodes, so if you recommend me an Anime to KAI. It will highly depend if I feel like watching the anime or not.

What are the .drp Files?

The .drp files are the Davinci Resolve saved files. For example, I only do subs of anime because I don't care for the Dubs. So if you ever want to watch DUBs versions of the KAI. Just download the .drp file and replace the videos files with dub audio episode files.

Not sure you understood what I just wrote...