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Google Drive isn't too reliable, Files might get deleted by google themself so... If files are missing, then they are missing :)

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Ive considered the fact that I do not enjoy the One Piece Anime, Ive watched all ep 1- 1k like 5 times in my life. Creating 5 different KAI version. At this point Ive discovered that I, in fact, do not enjoy the one piece anime. Ive read the manga like 5 times too and I still reread it from time to time. 

No more KAI, Ive heard rumors about One Piece getting reanimated with better pacing. For now just just Follow ONE PACE.

RED - new 

1- Romance Dawn 1080 [Complete]
2-Orange Town 1080 [Complete]
3- Syrup Village 480 [ Complete]
4- Baratie [Complete]
5- Arlong Park 480 [Complete]
6- Longuetown 480 [Complete]
7- Reverse Mountain and Whisky Peak 480 [Complete]
8- Little Garden 480 [Complete]
9- Drum Island [Complete]
10- Arabasta [Not Started]
11- Yaya [Not Started]
12- Skypiea [Not Started]
13- Long Ring Long Island 720 [Complete]
14- Water Seven [Not Started]
15- Enies Lobby [Complete]
16-Post Enies Lobby 720 [Complete]
17- Thriller Bark  720 [Complete]
18- Sabaody Archipelago 720 [Complete]
19- Amazon Lily 720 [Complete]
20- Impel Down 720 [Complete]
21- Marineford 720 [Complete]
22- Post War 1080 [Complete]
23- Return To Sabaody 1080 [Complete]
24- Fishman Island 720 [AAAA]
25 - Punk Hazard 720 [AAAA]
26- Dressrosa 720 [AAAA]
27- Zou 720 [AAAA]
28- Whole Cake Island 720 [AAAA]
29- Reverie [Not Started]
30- Wana [Not started]

Episodes taken from One Pace

So I watched Baritie/Drum Island/Enies Lobby COMPLETLY. My edits are GREAT.
I am proud of these KAI episodes I made. I might even try and REdo the other ones, since I am no longer proud of my previous work. Any ways, FUK Enies Lobby, first half was a treat to watch but the SECOND HALF WAS A PAIN IN THE ASSS. FUCK THE ONE PIECE ANIME ITS DOGGSHIT!!!!! The pacing is just a dread to shit through like WTF. I really dont want to do Whole Cake and Dressrosa. I remember them being a pain in the gluteus maximus.

So I did finish [25] FIshman Island to [29] whole cake island but... file curroption!!! I thought I had auto backup on my Davinci, but only auto saved was turned on!!! NOOOOO

Other KAI some one else made

I got this KAI from Reddit

One Piece Kai 1 - East Blue Saga

One Piece Kai 2 - Alabasta Saga Part 1

One Piece Kai 3 - Alabasta Saga Part 2

One Piece Kai 4 - Sky Island Saga

One Piece Kai 5 - Water Seven Saga Part 1

One Piece Kai 6 - Water Seven Saga Part 2

One Piece Kai 7 - Thriller Bark Saga

One Piece Kai 8 - Summit Wars Saga Part 1

One Piece Kai 9 - Summit Wars Saga Part 2

One Piece Kai 10 - Summit Wars Saga Part 3

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