One Piece KAI


1- Romance Dawn 1080 [Complete]
2-Orange Town 1080 [Complete]
3- Syrup Village 480 [ Complete]
4- Baratie [Not Started]
5- Arlong Park 480 [Complete]
6- Longuetown 480 [Complete]
7- Reverse Mountain and Whisky Peak 480 [Complete]
8- Little Garden 480 [Complete]
9- Drum Island [Not Started]
10- Arabasta [Not Started]
11- Yaya [Not Started]
12- Skypiea [Not Started]
13- Long Ring Long Island 720 [Complete]
14- Water Seven [Not Started]
15- Enies Lobby [waiting for batch torrent]
16-Post Enies Lobby 720 [Complete]
17- Thriller Bark  720 [Complete]
18- Sabaody Archipelago 720 [Complete]
19- Amazon Lily 720 [Complete]
20- Impel Down 720 [Complete]
21- Marineford 720 [Complete]
22- Post War 1080 [Complete]
23- Return To Sabaody 1080 [Complete]
24- Fishman Island 720 [AAAA]
25 - Punk Hazard 720 [AAAA]
26- Dressrosa 720 [AAAA]
27- Zou 720 [AAAA]
28- Whole Cake Island 720 [AAAA]
29- Reverie [Not Started]
30- Wana [Not started]

Episodes taken from One Pace

I didnt watch the episode 100 percent, like 30 percent while doing this KAI I actually watched it normally. Other than that I did seek through it, and pressed [Shift - Right arrow ] on Davinci Resolve repeatedly {if you know you know}. 

I tired to get rid of scenes that drag a bit too much (In my opinion). But I didnt watch it normally so maybe I ruined some scenes. Who knows!?!?

I got rid of lots of more flash back that would not be needed in a KAI version. For example the Dressroa arc is just flash back arc. Might not have gotten rid of all pointless flashbacks.

So I did finish [25] FIshman Island to [29] whole cake island but... file curroption!!! I thought I had auto backup on my Davinci, but only auto saved was turned on!!! NOOOOO, and honestly I dont want to do Dressrosa again. Wrost arc, with the amount of pointless flashback to pad time. One Pace surely got rid of flashbacks but I guess they should have gotten rid of more. {Well guess thats why im here I guess}
----------Anyways, im not going to do them for now... maybe I'll do it some other time because of the stress of having to do it again. 'watching' the later season of One Piece with the amount of Flash Backs is killing me!!!!! I suppose I should Finish this project so future me can actually watch this anime again without stressing out with the amount of flashback and time padding. AAAAAA,  Im really pissed off with the file corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ima go play Neeko and have fun!

Other KAI some one else made

I got this KAI from Reddit

One Piece Kai 1 - East Blue Saga

One Piece Kai 2 - Alabasta Saga Part 1

One Piece Kai 3 - Alabasta Saga Part 2

One Piece Kai 4 - Sky Island Saga

One Piece Kai 5 - Water Seven Saga Part 1

One Piece Kai 6 - Water Seven Saga Part 2

One Piece Kai 7 - Thriller Bark Saga

One Piece Kai 8 - Summit Wars Saga Part 1

One Piece Kai 9 - Summit Wars Saga Part 2

One Piece Kai 10 - Summit Wars Saga Part 3

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