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lol this website still exist?!?!? watch new AMV

So I've watched 2 anime this season, Sousou No Frieren and The Apothecary Diaries. The most anime Ive watched in YEAR!!! 

I looked at nexts seasons list and I dont really see anything worth watching... PLSSS I love watching anime but its sooo hard!!!

Only anime I'm interested in is "Tensei shitara Dainana Ouji Datta node, Kimama ni Majutsu wo Kiwamemasu" but then again its pretty Shouta!!! might get a lot of controversy... I'm simply looking forward to the ART and ANIMATION!! 

You humans heard of Naruto Resealed? Its a new Naruto "KAI" edit by some people. 

Why can't I download or Stream?

I used IceDrive, got a Lifetime plan of 2TB a while back when it was cheaper!! lucky ME!! Anyways I only have 2TB of Bandwidth, so If you cant download or stream, it means that Ive reached my limit for the month. So... wait until next month. Nothing I can do about it!

How to watch

You can watch without Downloading with browers like EDGE, but mainly download I suppose. I only have 2Tb of Banwidth

What is Anime KAI

AnimeKAI is a project where the episodes are an hour long ( more or less ), resulting in getting rid of filler for large anime such as Naruto KAI or Bleach KAI etcFor shorter Anime like the Monogarari Series, each episode is each story of the show (For example, Karen Bee part 1 - Part 4) as 1 episode.

I watch the Anime as I am turning it into KAI episodes, so if you recommend me an Anime to KAI. It will highly depend if I feel like watching the anime or not.

What are the .drp Files?

The .drp files are the Davinci Resolve saved files. For example, I only do subs of anime because I don't care for the Dubs. So if you ever want to watch DUBs versions of the KAI. Just download the .drp file and replace the videos files with dub audio episode files. 

I get my MKV from Animekaizoku and Nyaa, but mainly Animekaizoku